Transport and logistics have been the connecting link in the global economy for years. The sector is strongly influenced by trends such as E-logistics, climate change and technological developments. As a result, flexibility and risk management in this sector are very important to increase and guarantee profitability. The flexibility and efficiency of our Double Deck is the ideal solution for this. With 2 floors, and by using the space between the axles, the entire space of our trailer can be used to transport cargo.

40% less CO2
Low kilometer cost price
ROI 1 year
Flexible construction
60% more payload
Plywood or isolated
Safe & Sustainable
In addition, different versions of the Double Deck are possible. Think of 2 or 3 axle steered, rigid and multitemp.

The production of a Double Deck takes place completely in Aalsmeer and is growing to approximately four hundred units per year. This is achieved by speeding up the process and adding more production lines in the factory. Over the past ten years, the Double Deck trailer has developed into an extremely effective transport solution. As a result, demand from the European market is increasing strongly.
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Top 8 reasons to buy a Double Deck Trailer:

Demo DD trailer

1.Durable trailer

A Double Deck trailer contributes to a smaller impact on the environment compared to regular trailers. More volume is transported per trip, which means fewer trips are needed and less CO2 is emitted. All together, the Double Deck semi-trailer ensures a low cost price per kilometer driven.
Action DD trailer

2.More loading volume

Loading volume: By means of roller tracks, the space just in front of the wheel arches can also be fully utilized when working with pallets. In this way there is room for 52 Euro pallets or 41 Pool pallets in a 3-axis version. When working with roll containers, the roller tracks will not be necessary and the total number of roll containers depends on the size of the containers.
Sailor DD trailer

3. 1 year payback period

Because a Double Deck has 60% more loading volume than a standard trailer, the number of trips made by two Double Deck trailers is equal to three standard trailers. The investment in a Double Deck trailer pays for itself within a year, because savings are made on, among other things, the purchase of a tractor, the wage costs of a driver and fuel costs. A Double Deck also has European type approval, which means that it can be used throughout Europe, across borders.
Heisterkamp DD trailer

4.Different versions

The Double Deck trailer is available in several variants and with several axle configurations. For example, there is a choice between two or three axles, which are rigid or steered. In terms of load capacity, there is a choice between 9 and 10 tonne axles. In addition to the long 13.60 meter trailer, the Double Deck trailer is also available in the City version. This is, especially in combination with steering axles, very suitable for urban supplies. The Double Deck trailer can also be used in LHV combinations.
Emons DD trailer
Due to a limited ground clearance, all components are safely concealed in various side hatches, which can also be reached from the inside. As a result, the components are less susceptible to wear and damage and maintenance is easier. The driver has also been thought of, for example, it is possible to adjust the ride height from the cabin and the tail lift can be operated in several positions.
6.Flexible Layout
The total volume of approximately 110 m³ can be specially classified according to the customer. For example, the design of the intermediate floor is variable and partitions can be placed in the longitudinal direction and/or movable transverse partitions. As a result, several compartments are always created that can be cooled or heated at different temperatures.
Spar DD trailer
7.Multi-Deck Lift
For loading and unloading, the Double Deck is equipped with a Multi-Deck lift, which is available as an outdoor lift and an indoor-outdoor lift. The outside lift completely closes off the Double Deck where there is an inside-outside lift. The Double Deck is equipped with rear doors and a tip flap, creating a loading tunnel. The platform is available in several lengths and is equipped with a hydraulic tip valve, folding gates with lift control and side ramps. The Multi-Deck lift complies with the strictest safety regulations.
Carrier DD trailer
8.Cooling Systems
Different brands and versions of cooling machines can be installed on the insulated Double Deck version. If there are several compartments, the evaporators and pipe ducts are prepared for this. The space in the gooseneck is used to install the additional components. The rear of the insulated version can be fitted with rear doors or a pedestrian bulkhead. The FRC and FNA certificate are also possible.

Deployability Double Deck trailer

The Double Deck Trailer can be used for various purposes. For example, the Double Deck can be used as a Racetrailer, such as at the Porsche team, but also for Action for the retail sector, or at Nedlin as a means of transport for laundry. In Belgium, our customer bpost transports mail/parcels with the Double Deck Trailer.
Sailor DD trailer


race trailer



Curious what the Double Deck trailer looks like?

side hatch

side hatches

Hatch on the neck side


Space neck

Reversing camera

Outside loading lift

folding gate

Air suspension TASC

Rear loading lift

Back doors

Indoor elevator

Ferry hook

Indoor-outdoor elevator

Short tailgate

side hatch

Bottom of the interior elevator

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