July 2020

It’s already half the year! In the past few months it has been a strange period, but slowly everything is starting to come up again. Last month another dealer signed to represent our Double Deck trailer abroad. This time in Germany. A number of great projects have also been dispatched, including for Kaufmann Cargo BV, Abrex and Econor.

There is also news from the events world! On Thursday 17 September 2020, Burgers Carrosserie and Seval E Cargo will jointly organize an open day on their site in Nieuwer-Ter-Aa. On this open day, several Sevic vehicles will be presented together with the DC. On October 8, 2020, an online event from Burgers Carrosserie will be organized from 11-17. Every hour we come together with another foreign dealer online via a livestream to answer questions about Double Deck trailers from viewers.

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