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These high-quality polyester bodies are built according to the wet-in-wet principle, among other things. Advantages of this process include the high insulation value, high strength of the panels and the water resistance of the body, which ensures a long life.

The factory is specialized in the custom manufacturing of refrigerated bodies according to the customer's wishes. The bodies are standard provided with a stainless steel finish at the rear and extra reinforcements in the walls, where necessary.

• Cooling units diesel or electric available
• Body with or without freezing line,
  partitions, folding partitions and
  possibly insulation cushions available
• FRC available
• Substructure + rear closing
• Tail lifts whether or not in Piek
• Bodywork whether or not in Piek
• Rear in several versions
   available: top flap, doors or complete
  closing tailgate

Burgers provides custom-made closed bodywork for many markets. The factory is specialized in the custom manufacturing of (refrigerated) bodies according to the wishes of the customer. The bodies are standard provided with a stainless steel finish at the rear and extra reinforcements in the walls, where necessary.

Every transporter, large or small, is now familiar with the phenomenon LZV (which stands for: Long Heavy Vehicles). These are trucks which, in combination, may have a total length of up to 25.25 meters with a maximum tonnage of 60 tonnes.

Everyone has heard (or may have seen) the mighty Road Trains which run in Australia or Scandinavia, for example.
Mega trailer

The FRC/FNA Mega Trailer is the most technologically advanced vehicle available on the market today; specially designed for air freight transport. The exclusive structure of side walls and floor with two different heights and an internal volume of more than 100 square meters, makes the simultaneous transportation of 3 to 4 air cargo pallets a reality; resulting in lower costs and a reduced impact on the environment.

By using specially formulated insulating materials and obtaining the FRC/FNA certificate for refrigerated transport with a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius with a coefficient “K” of 0,39W/m2K, the FRC/FNA Mega Trailer is the perfect trailer for air freight transport.
Urban Line Box

The Urban-Line Box from Burgers is the strongest lightweight body in Europe. Your solution for small transport in city centers and beyond. By developing strong lightweight panels with a higher insulation value, we can offer more load capacity and a long lifespan.

With tailgate, rear doors or both, a side door or a sliding door, we can build this Urban-Line Box entirely according to your wishes. We think along with you for the type of goods you transport and advise you to choose the most suitable bodywork.

The insulated panels are suitable for any type of transport. Up to a weight of 3.500 kg, you have sufficient payload to transport all kinds of goods and is suitable for every brand of chassis cab.

The high degree of personalization meets the market demand for a solution with a high loading capacity combined with functionality, a light vehicle and perfect insulation and a guaranteed modern and aesthetic finish, which makes this Mega Trailer unique in its kind. .
Sevic Centro 500
Seval Cenntro 500

The Seval Cenntro 500 is an electric delivery vehicle. This delivery vehicle is fully geared to today's wishes with regard to the sustainable deployability of the vehicles in and around the cities & villages.

The Seval Cenntro 500 is 100% electrically powered and very compact. This makes it suitable for driving in narrow streets. Due to its modern design, very complete standard equipment and good driving characteristics, the Seval Cenntro 500 is the answer to the demand for a sustainable 100% electric vehicle with an excellent price-quality ratio.
Specifications and details of the Seval Cenntro XNUMX
Seval Cenntro 500
• Available with a
   closed and open loading platform.
• Chassis cabin dimensions:
   height 1.905 mm – width
   1.400mm – length 3.910
   gold wire.
• 3 variants, respectively
   with a maximum speed
   from 25 km/h, 45 km/h and 85
   km / h.
• Controllable from the age of 16
   with driving license T, from 18 years
   with driving license B
• The Seval Centro 500 is here
   with a payload of up to
   840 kg. With loading platform up to approx
   700 kg.
• Battery pack Lithium
   battery pack 20 kW, 180 km
   range. Charging is on
   a 230v socket, or on
   the charging station. There will be 6.6
   kWh charged.
• Very complete standard
   equipment including ABS,
   reversing camera,
   central door locking,
   multimedia audio with
   bluetooth and LED
   daytime running lights.
• By a specially developed
   suspension system, disc brakes
   front and back and  
   'normal' tires (175/65
   R14 has the Seval Cenntro
   500 good driving characteristics.
• The default color is white,
   at extra cost in your own
   company color available.

Burgers does not turn around for (flower) combinations either. These bodies, consisting of a motor car with a central axle trailer, are tailor-made for the customer. Burgers supplies these bodies with or without cooling. 

What makes the (flower) combination special? With this body you have the option of loading through. The body is extremely suitable for volume transport, for example flowers and/or plants. The body has better insulation values ​​and the panels are well resistant to moisture. 

Do you have an existing chassis and would you like to build a trailer? No problem!
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